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And so I did.

Man, oh man, these past few weeks have been a whirlwind. My departure has been delayed due to the processing of my visa and document legalization. I could write an entire post just about the headaches and flaming hoops I've had to jump through for this process, but I'll spare you the hair-pulling details...

This additional time at home has allowed me to spend time more time with loved ones. I'm so grateful for all of the farewell dinners, parties, get-togethers and cards. You guys make it so hard to leave, but your support and understanding are what motivate me to pursue my dreams.

I'll arrive to Chile this Thursday morning where I will be picked up by a driver (cool!) and be taken directly to my school since I cannot check-in to my hotel until 2pm. Not sure what the wifi situation will be so bare with me friends, I will reach out asap. For now, the best way to contact me is via facebook message.

Reality has started to set in and I've started to get a bit anxious and nervous. Deep breaths, time to chase those dreams!

I'm going to miss my pups SO much it hurts. That's one of the hardest parts!!

A loving message to my thieving sisters...

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