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Life is Not Meant to be Lived in One Place

Hi friends! I’m happy to report that I’m writing this post in the comfort of my new apartment. The idea of living in a hotel is cool, for the first 3 days –then you miss things like cooking your own food. My landlord Alejandro is super cool and is probably 6’5”.

An actual photo of me signing the lease:

I’m so in love with the apartment. I’m right across from the trash shoot (fun fact: it takes 6.3 seconds for the trash to hit the ground). I also have a neighbor with a

Bichon named Tomás whom I already love. Tomás wears a little doggie hoodie and jeans since it’s “Winter”. The people of Santiago are very kind to dogs, most of them wear little jackets outside in the frigid 50° weather ;) . Even the stray dogs walk around in little sweaters which melts my heart.

The location of my apartment is prime. I can walk to the huge mall in 12 minutes. This mall has the largest tower in South America. I’m also a stone’s throw from a smaller mall with a grocery store, department stores and the metro.

I'm hoping to get a fish friend soon to help fill the ever-growing void of not having my pups around.

The Grand Tour:

The view:

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