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Andean Ski Adventures

Well, I survived! I went skiing in The Andes Mountains and I’m still here to tell the tale.

I’ve been trying to get some “slope-time” before the ski season ends as summer is fast approaching (how weird for my fellow US friends!). I attempted to go last weekend but plans fell through. I was determined to go this weekend with or without friends. Since my few friends had things to do this weekend, I hit the slopes with me myself and I.

I booked my trip through KL Adventures –and would highly recommend them for anyone looking to go skiing for the day. They were nothing but nice to me, prices were great, they gave me some complimentary goggles AND the owner and his wife drove me home after my long day!

After about an hour and a half drive up through very narrow and winding roads we arrived at the mountain. Fun fact –we ended up at a different mountain. I thought we were going to El Colorado so you’d imagine my surprise when we showed up at Valle Nevado. It’s all good though, I’ve heard good things about this mountain. Good thing I wasn’t meeting anyone!

Once I arrived, I strapped on my skis and headed for the “gondola”. I was amused to find the ski lifts are called gondolas and was a little disappointed there was no little Italian man in a striped shirt working them.

As I began down the mountain I quickly became aware of 2 things: 1. I am not used to these types of ski’s –they seemed a lot longer to me. And 2. I have not skied in a long time. As a result, I was quite a sight to see. I will say that I wasn’t the worst skier on the mountain –but there were also several small children better than me.

After a while, I began to get tired, and frustrated with these extra long skis. I took a walk and enjoyed taking pictures of the beautiful mountains. I will say that pictures do not do them justice. I just couldn’t catch my breath while looking at them!

^^ Leopard bell-bottoms, heels and a knee-brace -the perfect ski outfit.

^^ Pure genius

^^ I thought they were stealing my skis -turns out they were having a photoshoot instead.

After a long and cold day, we made our way back home. It was a successful first ski trip in The Andes!

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