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"Miss, do you know Spanish words?"


This is a quick post because I am going away for the weekend.

School is quickly winding down, and I’m doing my best to tackle the mountain of tasks we still have to finish. We had a pretty good week this week –it flew by. Ceci was sick on Monday so I was in charge of the whole show. Sometimes I think the kids can smell my unease at being the only teacher all day.

This week I started to feel awful, I had a fever and what seemed like a terrible head cold. I sucked it up and went to school anyway, where the kids were very sympathetic. I told them they had to help me out because I was feeling “under the weather” and they all thought that meant I was feeling sad.

Nothing too exciting happened this week. I went to Spanish class, did some grocery shopping, you know the usual. Stay tuned for my post all about my weekend get-away to the beautiful Valparaíso!

Laughable Moments:

  • “Miss, do you know Spanish words? Like caca (poop)?”

  • While writing about endangered animals, one of my students asked me how to say “pico” in English. I didn’t know so I asked Ceci from across the room. Little did I know “pico” means dick in Spanish (or beak depending on the context).

  • I read somewhere that Dunkin’ is going to start delivering. I wonder just how far they are willing to deliver…

  • My sister Karen told her students that I am living in Chile, and they thought she meant I was living in chili.

  • There is a moth apocalypse happening here in Chile. –Every day there are like 6 moths flying around my apartment/ the hallway outside. I didn’t say anything because I thought it was a Chile thing. Apparently it’s a weird phenomenon happening and it’s been all over the news. It’s because the weather has been so strange lately.

  • I find it really strange that we don’t have water fountains in school. They don’t really have water fountains in general in Chile. When my kids ask to get a drink, they go to the bathroom and drink from the sink!

^^ Crazy cat lady in the making.

^^By "bushe" he means mushroom. He'd like to live under a mushroom.

^^ At recess the kids asked me what this button on my coffee cup did. I told them it turns the lights on and off in the classroom.

I’d also like to take the time to acknowledge the terrible atrocities that occurred all over the world on Friday (November 13). From the suicide bombings in Beirut, the earthquakes in both Japan and Mexico and of course to the terrorist attacks in Paris. I pray for all of those affected by these tragedies. It chills me to the bone to think of the number of people lost on this day that could have made the world a better place. I can’t even comprehend the number of mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles, teachers and friends affected by these events. I pray for these people, the injured and for humanity.

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