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Sandwiches on the Sandwich Day

Howdy readers! This post is coming to you live from the comfort of my couch –such a relaxing few days. This week was pretty exhausting at work so an extra long weekend has been much appreciated.

We have a religious holiday tomorrow, so most schools give Monday off too –this is known as a sandwich. It literally says “sandwich” on our school calendar. I can promise you that I made it a point to eat a sandwich today on our sandwich day ;)

This week, we officially started our half-days. The kids stay in school until 1:30, and then go home. We follow our normal schedule. The kids’ last day of school is this Friday. Us teachers will stay another month.

^^ Ceci and I, my teaching partner

On Tuesday we had something called “consejo” where all of the first grade teachers, religion teachers, gym teachers, Spanish teachers, the art teacher & music teacher, the psychologist, learning specialist and the principal all cram into one classroom and discuss each and every student in the first grade. We talk about their learning levels, behavior issues and anything else that needs to be said. This whole process took about 2.5 long hours. To keep things short and sweet, us first grade teachers have a deal where we time each class as they discuss their roster. The class talks the longest has to buy the others breakfast. Luckily, we weren’t the losers.

^^ The SC Graduation in the Rose Garden is more beautiful than my college graduation...

The rest of the week went pretty smoothly. We have a lot of work to accomplish in terms of paperwork. I did get a nice break from the chaos by seeing The Hunger Games with some friends.

On Sunday I spent some time with a friend dress shopping for an upcoming wedding. I also met up with a co-worker for a nice dinner and drinks. I tried this Mexican drink my friend was drinking called a Michelada. It has beer, lemon juice, tabasco, pepper and salt. Since I like all of those ingredients separately, I thought why not try them together! Unfortunately, I didn't like it. It kind of tasted like blood to me. Anyway, I had a great time hanging out with some new people. It’s been really difficult in the friend-making department but the ones I do have seem to have my back, so I’m going to be okay.

I woke up this morning and made my way to the Extranjería to get my long over-due visa stamp. I really reallly don't understand why people don't make appointments at that hell-hole. There are literally mountains of people taking up every square inch anxiously waiting for something. They spend the entire day there -I spent 40 minutes. Since I've been there before, I knew exactly what to do this time -I kicked butt!

Laughable Moments:

  • My friend asked me “what is a paw print? Is it some type of animal?”

  • My new favorite word is “pololo(a)” which is a Chilenismo for boyfriend/ girlfriend. It’s so fun to say! I also like the word caos.

  • My student came to me very distressed “Miss, the girls at my table are all working together and I put jealous.” –clearly the “feelings” unit is expanding their vocabulary.

  • My co-worker told us her friend works in a “vine-yard”

  • Someone was telling me about his friend who “stumbles”. It took a long and confusing 10 minutes of conversation for me to realize his friend was stuttering not stumbling.

  • Shoutout to the little old lady who graciously put her arms around me as a stampede of people were knocking into me to get into the metro. She made sure that I made it on, what a kind soul.

  • A guy was telling me about his friend who got expelled, "yeah so he did something really bad and then they kicked him" -he meant they kicked him out!

  • Since it’s been over 3 months, I asked the HR lady if there were any updates on my visa. She told me that my visa has been ready since September. Conveniently the letter notifying my of this news never arrived to my apartment……….. -_-

^^ Talk about long legs!

^^ People in Santiago seem to park wherever the hell they want.

^^ Apparently it is necessary to put a person IN the shower to sell the showers

^^ Sending kindergarten classes postcards from Chile saying we spotted The Gingerbread Man

^^ I'm really not sure what this Santa is trying to accomplish here...

^^ I got a $120 CLP ($171 USD) giftcard and a selfie-stick from work for Christmas

^^ Those dang buttons and strawberry juice!!

^^ My favorite movie from when I was like 4 was on. Memory Lane is still good even in Spanish!

^^ This mall is called Dos Caracoles (snails) because it spirals up like 2 snails. How cool!

Bring on the short week, and the final week of school for the kiddos! I’m exciting to spend the day at the pool tomorrow. I’m still so confused that I’ll be tanning by the pool tomorrow in the middle of December!!

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