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Summer Vacation in January!!

Hi everybody!

Compared to last week, this week’s post won’t be very eventful. I will say that this week moved painfully slow. Painfully. But we made it and that’s what counts. It’s officially summer vacation for this teacher!! There are few things that feel as rewarding as walking out those doors knowing you have almost 2 months off.

On Monday, we had workshops all day, which actually weren’t so bad. We got to choose which workshops we wanted to attend. I learned a lot of great new strategies that I can apply in the classroom. Throughout the rest of the week, we had various workshops for different areas in academics and classroom management.

It was nice to have some time to work in our classrooms because there was a lot we needed to prepare. I spent a lot of time working on our “safe place” where the kids will go when they are upset to cool down. I ordered one of those fun bed canopies from the States and used a little creativity to make it look like a castle. Inside, there will be a mirror, stuffed animals, cushions, a nice rug and stress balls. Pictures to come!

On Thursday, the first grade team and I went out for sushi for lunch. I didn’t say anything, but I’d never had sushi before. I don’t like seafood but I knew they had chicken sushi and some other rolls which appealed to me. I got chicken California rolls which were pretty good but they were wrapped in seaweed which was a little weird for me.

I’m so happy it’s summer vacation, but I am sad I won’t see my co-workers everyday. We’re all so close; I feel like they’re my family here in Chile.

This weekend I didn’t do much, which is exactly what I wanted. I read one of my many books, and spent a lot of time out by the pool. I also got a crockpot which I’m so excited about! I guess I’ve officially crossed the line into adulthood when buying a crockpot excites me.

I’ll be home in 11 days, so I plan to soak up the summer sun as much as I can before heading home to frigid cold. I’m over the moon excited to see my friends and family and of course my furry friends.

Laughable Moments:

  • I told one of my co-workers that someone was blowing up my phone, and she looked at me concerned and said "They're blowing up your phone?!"

  • I asked my landlord how his New Year was to which he replied " It was great, I went to the mountains and saw a really big spider"

  • He also told me he slept with a hoodie on because he was scared there were batmen in the house -I later figured out he meant bats

  • While driving home with my co-worker, she mentioned that her car was filthy and that she needed to clean it. She told me, " ugh, I need a raccoon" while pointing at all the crumbs. I then replied, " do you mean vacuume?"

  • While setting up our classroom for next year, Dani my new partner realized our calendar months were wrong. The January month had snowflakes and snowmen and July had a beach scene. She said that the months were opposite here in Chile. I honestly probably would have never noticed that!!

  • I find it amusing that many Chileans have asked the difference between a bucket and a basket

  • During one of our workshops, we were offered coffee and this awful cake they always have. My co-worker whispered to me "Don't worry, I have french fries in my backpack". I was impressed, and confused until I realized she meant potato chips.

^^ Walking home from Spanish class, I couldn't cross the street for a good 5 minutes!

^^ The summer school kids performed for us on the last day of school and it was adorable!

^^ We went to a chocolate shop and it was amazing. It felt like a museum!

^^ Mom rocking her new Santiago College Fleece

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