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What's your favorite animal? Dinosaurs!

Hola todos!

This week was SO CRAZY. Since it was the official first week of school, there was so much to be done. The amount of to-do lists I had floating around the classroom were enough to make your head spin. Luckily, Dani and I accomplished many many things.

^^ My beautiful partner and friend, Dani

Our little first graders are still getting accustomed to their new classroom. Like we predicted, our friend who didn’t want to come into the classroom on Thursday didn’t want to come in on Monday. His mom started to come and spend the mornings with him but when she left, he was super upset. This happened all week, luckily he joined us after first recess every day.

Tuesday after school, Dani took me to get a phone contract, finally!! Chile is so nuts about their documents here, I’m surprised they didn’t want me to sign the contract in my blood and then notarize it! But in the end, I have a contract which means I have cell data anywhere I go! The next morning we said goodbye to our first-grade team member, Maida who is leaving on maternity leave. I’m so sad to not have Maida at school anymore, she’s like my Chilean mom! She drove me to and from school everyday. Luckily we live very close to each other so I can go visit.

On Wednesday evening, we had a farewell party for our gringa friend/co-worker Ann. Ann and her boyfriend left yesterday to go to Colombia for a few months before moving to Amsterdam where her boyfriend will study. I am very sad to see Ann go as we were very close and she was my only gringa friend. For the party, I made Mississippi Sin dip in a bread bowl. It was a hit!

By Thursday, I started to feel pretty crappy. My throat hurt so bad. I couldn’t believe that only one week in and I was already sick! I even take vitamins and zinc to boost my immune system every night. I powered through on Friday but by Saturday I was really sick. I spent the entire weekend in bed. I also lost my voice, which did not help. Luckily as I’m writing this post, I am starting to feel better. Hopefully I will be up to work tomorrow because at night, all the parents are coming to see our classroom. Ugh bad timing!

Since I’m so busy now with school and I have a puppy, I decided to go to Spanish class only once a week. As much as I would love to go twice a week, it’s just not realistic for me right now and adds another layer of stress.

León is doing great! He’s super comfortable in his new home and loves going on walks. We’re still working on potty training, but everything else is great. I think he has the more toys than all the dogs in Chile! This week he has enjoyed barking at people wearing hats and chasing pigeons.

^^ Dog or parrot?

^^ Definitely parrot

Laughable Moments:

  • At dismissal, I told my one student left to say goodbye to Miss Paula when her mom arrived. My student pointed to the lady holding an orange folder and said “The one with the orange carpet?” Carpeta is folder in Spanish.

  • At lunch I asked my co-worker if she had two students who are ‘attached at the hip’. Everyone stopped eating at me and looked at me weird. They thought I meant they were literally attached at the hip!! Clearly one of those 'lost in translation moments'

  • One of the first grade classrooms has a student with a lot of emotional issues. When she is upset, she takes off her shoes and walks around school barefoot.

  • As a private school, sometimes in the morning the kids need to ask God for forgiveness, say thank you for something, or say sorry for something. Dani said “Does anyone want to ask something?” One boy raised his hand and said “I want to know about pig castles”

  • In another class, they were talking about if anyone had someone in Heaven. One kid raised his hand and proudly said “My Grandpa is in Heaven because he ate too much cheese”

  • I carpool every day to school with my co-worker Katy and her two young daughters. It’s always a fight for what songs they want to play on the ride. They always choose Christmas music. We are year-round Christmas carpool.

  • I was testing one of my kids to see how fluent his English was… “What is your favorite animal?” “Dinosaurs”.

  • León is the hit of the town. We can’t go on any walks without someone wanting to pet him. It was quite difficult for me to answer questions about him with no voice!

  • One lady literally stopped me on the street and told me all these things I needed to do for him like tape his ears up, cut the hair on his eyes get a specific vaccine. Ciao crazy lady!

  • Before coming back to Chile, I was super lazy and my Fitbit would tell me I only walked about 2,000 steps. Now, I usually hit 8,000 steps by 1:30. Santiago College is gigantic and excellent for my Fitbit!

^^ Just your casual group of horses at recess

^^ You know I chose the right neighborhood when I live 2 blocks from the Catalan headquarters and a Catalan restaurant!

^^ Leave a book, get a book!

See you all next week! Same time, same place!

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