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My first Licencia

Hey there friends!

This week has been a sick one. In last week’s post I mentioned that I was not feeling good, well it got worse. On Monday, I couldn’t go in to work and stayed in bed all day. That night, I willed myself to go to our Parent’s Meeting at school. It’s basically like Open House –my voice was pretty much all gone, but I felt it was important for me to show my face. The parents were all very kind and seemed to be sympathetic of my being sick.

The next day, the same thing –I couldn’t go to work. My friend Maida offered to take me to the doctor, I was so grateful for the offer as I had no idea how to maneuver the Chilean medical system.

Maida scheduled the appointment for me and drove me. When we arrived, we had to take a number, just like at the deli. I’ve gotten used to this custom in Chile, as they also do this at the pharmacy, bank, and other offices. When it was our turn, I went into the doc’s office. He was actually my friend Cata’s uncle, and Maida’s doctor so I knew he was good at his practice. The room was set up differently than in the US, for starters, they didn’t have those table/bed things we always sit on and uncomfortably wait for the doctor. Next, the doctor was on the computer for most of the time. There was no nurse there who checked my blood pressure and I didn’t fill out any forms on my past medical history. Perhaps, this was because he was a specialist doctor, not a general doctor. The doctor had one of those head lamp things they always wear in cartoons. All of his supplies were sterile of course, but not disposable. I do commend this as I think in The U.S. we are super wasteful.

The doctor checked my throat, nose and ears. He was concerned at how red my throat was and said that I should not have waited a week to come and see him. I didn’t go to the doctor sooner, because in the U.S. we generally don’t go to the doctor for cold/flu-like symptoms. He wrote me a prescription for antibiotics and he gave me a licencia. I still don't really know what I have because it doesn't really translate, something about a throat infection. In Chile, if you’re going to be out of work for a few days, you need a licencia (basically a doctor’s note). The licencia allows you to still be paid while out. The licencia covered the two days I had missed and one more day to rest. After the doctors, we went to the pharmacy to pick up the medicine. Luckily, my insurance through school will reimburse most of the cost, because they were expensive. I had to pay about $60 USD upfront.

Since starting the meds, I’ve still felt kind of crappy. Today (Sunday) was the first day where I started to feel a little better. I have this terrible cough that seems to come from the depths of my soul! If it doesn’t go away by the end of the week, I may have to go back to the doctor.

I went to school Thursday and Friday. We celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day with the kids –they actually had no idea what the holiday was about.

This weekend, I laid low again since I still was feeling bad. I really wanted to go to Lollapolooza Chile, because there were some great artists playing but it was very expensive and I wasn’t in good health. Instead, I ordered a pizza and watched some movies. I watched Room (the book is one of my favorites) and The Imitation Game (SO INCREDIBLE, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!).

^^ I feel crappy, but at least my toes look good!

Today, I took León to the park. We had to take a taxi, so it was León’s first time in my purse. I really don’t want to be one of those Paris Hilton girls with her dog in her purse, but otherwise he wouldn’t be allowed in the taxi! We went to my favorite park, Parque Bicentenario. It was buzzing with families having picnics, dogs chasing each other and people riding bikes. León got very tired, since the park is huge. I brought him to the little dog park portion and he was completely overwhelmed. There were so many puppies and big dogs; he hid under my feet the whole time.

^^Somebody was having a doggie birthday party

Laughable Moments:

  • At Parents’ Night, one of my student’s parents is Scottish. Talking to him was like talking to a leprechaun, his accent was AWESOME. (I realize leprechauns are Irish)

  • While testing one of my student’s to see how fluent in English he is, I asked him “Do you have any pets at home?” “Yes. I have a dog, a panda and a kangaroo”.

  • One of my students came up to me and in Spanish, told me he hurt his butt and wanted to go to the nurse (he just wanted to get out of class). I had to confirm with my co-worker that I was understanding him correctly.

^^ I now realize, it's Leo the lion.

^^ Screw you Dunkin'!

This week we have a short week since it’s Easter weekend. Hopefully by Easter I’ll be feeling much better and back to normal.

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