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Sundays at Pablo's House

Hola amigos!

It really has been an awesome week. On Monday, we received an e-mail saying that our kids were going to have vaccines on Wednesday -that was very short notice. If you're a true NotyourAverageTeacher follower, then you know how well last year's vaccines went... picture a horror film.

Luckily, this round of vaccines was not mandated by the Ministry of Education (doesn't that sound like we live in Harry Potter?). That being said, some parents opted not to have their kids get the shot. This round was the flu shot. Dani and I decided to tell the kids before the shot, rather than deceiving them because that didn't work out so well for Ceci and I last year. We told a speech about how we need to protect our bodies against those nasty germs and we don't want to get sick because we will feel awful. When we get a shot, we get thousands of little tiny soldiers put into our bodies that work just for us. Our speech was so convincing that we even had one student not getting the shot go home sobbing because she wanted the vaccine!! We only had one boy completely and totally freak out, so much so that the nurse refused to vaccinate him. We told our kiddos how proud we were of them and how brave they were. One of the girls came running up to me afterwards and said "Miss, I love shots!". Maybe Dani and I should go into advertising instead...

This week in school we started to wrap up our first unit about germs and the body. The kids tracked what they ate and did for exercise and then later on they created an action plan to lead a healthier life.

This weekend was fabulous. For starters, I got so much checked off my to-do list that I feel so accomplished. On Saturday, I took León to get groomed. He had many mats on his tummy and was starting to look homely. I didn't realize they would keep him there all day, so I wasn't emotionally prepared to part with him. Nonetheless, I handed him over and went back home. I saw his absence as an opportunity to sweep and mop the floors since he likes to chase the mop and broom.


^^ After, with his weird bangs

^^ After I fixed it, good enough!

On Sunday, I decided to go see Pablo Neruda's house -a place I've been meaning to visit for quite a long time now. For those of you who don't know, Pablo Neruda is a very famous Chilean author who won the Nobel Peace Prize. He was a very interesting man and he had 3 houses in Chile, one here in Santiago.

I'm glad I went to his house, it was such a cool place. He put so much thought and work into his house, that it truly felt like an experience walking through it. He had doors that acted as secret passageways that could transport you to a whole different area of the house. It was such a cool place to explore -for a little over an hour, I completely forgot that I was in a huge metropolitan city.

^^ I wasn't supposed to take pictures inside but I'm a rebel ;)

^^ This door leads you to a whole different section of the house!

^^ Pablo and his wife must have been short because the doors were super tiny!

After the museum, I went to get lunch at Emporio de la Rosa. I read about this place on someone's blog and wanted to check it out. It was for sure. In the evening, I took León to the dog park where I met a very nice gringa and her golden-doodle, Lupe. Her golden-doodle looked exactly like ginny as a puppy and it made my heart ache for her!

^^ Passing by the President's casa

Laughable Moments:

  • One of my students came up to me huffing and puffing and said "I would like to speak to the principal of Santiago College right this instant." I held back a smile and asked her why. She told me that her classmate told her that her picture in art class was ugly.

  • On Tuesday it rained a lot. It hasn't rained here for months now. You would think these children had never seen rain before in their entire lives.

  • Before going home for dismissal, I saw a jacket on the floor and I said "what's this?" meaning what is this doing on the floor? My very literal students innocently told me, " It's a jacket miss..."

  • One of my students was very upset about getting the vaccine. I checked the list and then whispered in her ear that she wasn't getting the vaccine today but she can't tell anyone because it is a secret. Five minutes later a different student came up and said, "Miss, why is _____ not getting the vaccine today?". That's the last time I tell a first- grader a secret.

  • My co-worker was telling me about her friend's house and she told me that they had a jumping bed. I realized a jumping bed is a trampoline.

  • SC is offering classes on mindfulness after school for the teachers. One of my co-workers went and told me that during the meditation portion, everybody fell asleep. Thats what you get for asking teachers to meditate after a long day at school!!

^^ Well, it stayed up for longer than I predicted...

^^ Forbidden love

See you next week!

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