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And the 3rd Pig made his House out of Fire and Gold

Hola amigos!

It’s been a rainy week here in Santiago! It started raining on Wednesday and then didn’t stop until Saturday evening. On top of the rain, it’s getting colder. Luckily, the rain and the cold are an excellent excuse to curl up in bed with a nice book.

This week in school, we started our new unit learning about materials like wood, glass, metal etc. I taught an English lesson where we read The 3 Little Pigs and they had to decide what material the third little pig built his house out of. Man, was that an entertaining lesson. My favorite answers were: sharks, gold and fire and policemen.

On Thursday, I was walking in the metro at rush hour to go to Spanish class. I dropped some money out of my pocket by accident and not one, but two people stopped to tell me. I gained a little more faith in humanity in that moment. (Until my Spanish teacher never showed up to class because she got her purse stolen...) Anyway, riding the metro at rush hour is like a terrible punishment. For every 1 person that exits, 3 people cram into his/her place. You literally can’t move. Sometimes when the metro comes, it is so packed that you can’t even enter. You have to wait for the next packed metro to come.

This weekend, I went exploring a bit. I went to a nice café to enjoy a coffee and read my book. I’m not sure you can consider it a hobby, but I love to find all the cute, cozy cafés around town. Afterwards, I met Dani and her boyfriend at the Italian restaurant we love (definitely my favorite restaurant in STGO). I had a delicious lunch and then we did a bit of shopping.

Today (Sunday), I got together with Benja and Fran for lunch and a movie. It was great to catch up with them; I haven’t seen them in a while.

I’m also pretty stoked because this week I booked tickets to Buenos Aires and The Atacama desert in the North of Chile for next month!! I’m so excited to explore Latin America even further.

Laughable Moments:

^^ Excellent use of adjectives though.

^^ León lost 3 teeth in one hour!

^^ I found Mike Wazowski's eyeball in the city center

^^ People wear clothes with English on them because its "cool". Even if they have no idea what they say...

^^ Apparently this is where The Incredible Hulk buys his tuxes

^^ When you try to take a nice picture...

^^ But then you realize your puppy is actually a velociraptor

^^ Benja and Fran brought this toy back for León from London

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