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:(: You Decide


This week was a little long but we made it. Since we’ve entered our new unit, we are officially preparing for our Open House. This Open House is huge, we spend about a month and a half preparing for it. This is what we were doing when I arrived to Chile last year. The kids prepare 14 (!) centers about international mindedness and Chile, then in September the parents come one night and the kids rotate around the classroom with them sharing their work. It takes A LOT of work to prepare for it. We will never have a free moment until after Open House.

On Wednesday, we had one of our International Parents present about his country. This Dad was from Scotland, he’s so so nice. He went all out wearing a kilt and he even brought shortbread cookies for everyone! The kids were all very interested in his presentation. He also has the most awesome accent. This week we have another parent coming to present about Argentina, and I will be presenting about the US.

On Thursday, we had a Parent Meeting at night with all of the parents of our class. We had to give the parents information about the upcoming events at school, the contents of this semester that we’ll be learning and so on. The meeting only lasted about an hour but it was a long day and we got home pretty late. That being said, my whole routine was thrown off, and I forgot to set my alarm for the next day!

I woke up on Friday to my carpool calling me asking where I was. I hate when the day begins like that! Nonetheless, I took an Uber to work and made it for the first period. That afternoon, León got his blood work done because he is getting neutered next week. It’s best for his health because he is less likely to get cancers and he will live longer. Plus, theres the fact that he is sexually involved with every single pillow in my apartment every time I turn around… On Saturday, he got groomed so that his hair will be nice and short for the surgery. That way we have a long time for the incision to heal before he needs to be groomed again.

^^ I like it better like this :(

This weekend was filled with coffee, books, movies and naps. I didn’t do much but that was just how I wanted it. This upcoming weekend will be a long weekend woo!

Laughable Moments:

  • This week we are learning about words that start with “v”. In Chilean Spanish, the “v” and “b” are pronounced the same. I didn’t anticipate such difficulty with telling the difference. The kids literally can’t hear the difference between “very” and “berry”. We’ll work on it.

  • One of my students hurt her hand so I asked her what happened. She had such difficulty explaining it in English that she walked away. Later, I told her “Sweetie, what happened… in Spanish”. She started to tell me everything that happened in Spanish class that day.

^^This week I came home to find León stuck in his bed. He ate a hole in the middle of the bed and then proceeded to get stuck in it.

^^I was reading on the bus ride home and I felt something warm on my leg. I thought it was just the sun and it felt nice. When we arrived I realized it was not that sun, but my entire coffee mug. I had to walk to rest of the way home looking like I peed my pants.

^^A posh pup has his coffee at Starbucks

^^ I got some Chilean word postcards for my door.

Have an awesome week everybody!!

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