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Cheers to One Year in Chile!

Hello lovely people!

It’s been a great week and a long weekend, which makes for one happy girl. We had Monday off because it's some holiday -of which I have no idea of, but I can dig it.

This week at school we continued to work on Open House. I did a presentation on the US to my class and another class. This is all we will be doing for the next few weeks.

On Thursday morning, León got neutered. My vet is so so awesome, she took him to her house the night before because I leave for work so early in the mornings. He stayed with her at her house, and then she took him in the morning for his surgery. Everything went really well. He was a little drugged out the first day, but rest assured, he was ready to play ball the next day. He has to wear “the cone of shame” for 10-14 days, which I think is a really long time. But I don’t want him to yank out his stitches and have my house looking like a murder scene, so I’ll follow the vet’s instructions.

^^ I've had some fun with the cone though...

Perhaps the most exciting part of this week was that on Friday, I hit the one-year mark in Chile!! Can you believe it? Time flies. It's been one heck of a year, and I'm looking forward to what the future has in store for me.

This weekend I went to an awesome brewery down the road from my house. I also spent some time snuggling my patient, and I had lunch over Benja and Flo’s house. I’m in the midst of a nasty cold so I’ve tried to rest a little during this long weekend.

Laughable Moments:

  • We were working on one of the Open House centers and the kids had to write why they are proud of themselves this year. One of my students wanted to write “I am proud because I am beautiful”

  • Another student wanted to write “I am proud because I have 102 friends.”

  • One of my students decided it would be a good idea to cut her own hair in class. She cut off a lot of hair and stuffed it into her pencil case to hide it.

  • The heat is blasting in our classroom, so we are all dying in the heat. This is causing many kids to get bloody noses. One of the kids got a bloody nose the same day as the hair incident, so we had hair and blood all over the floor. 1C really looked like a mental institution that day.

  • They hold religion class in our classroom, but it is taught by a different teacher. Dani and I were still in the classroom when we heard the religion teacher refer to our student Bautista as Gonzalo. The entire school year, the religion teacher has been calling him Gonzalo because thats what Bautista wanted to be called. (it's his second name)

  • In my US presentation, I showed a picture of my family with all of our pets. All of my students asked where León was.

  • I had a trick question in my US presentation that bit me in the ass. I asked who was the king of the USA. One kid raised his hand and said "Donald Trump" -_-

  • At Starbucks I accidentally ordered a coffee with "discriminated milk" instead of "skim milk". I always confuse descremada with descriminado.

^^ At night, I feel like I'm snuggling with a lamp

My Flat Stanley went to visit my mom in CT:

^^ One of my kids asked "Miss, is that a horse-cow?"

Stanley has a "baseball" in his left hand because I accidentally colored his hand brown... one of my kids said "wow miss, you really love baseball!"

^^ The best gifts come from 6 year olds

^^ The sky looked like it was on fire on our morning commute on day

We’ve got a short week coming up with rain in the forecast (rain is a rarity here). It should be interesting because Dani is going to a 3-day workshop which leaves me flying solo and my voice is on it’s way out. Wish me luck!

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