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El Museo a Cielo Abierto

Hi friends! It’s been a great week here in Chile. We’re still preparing for Open House, that’s all we’ve been doing lately. Every second of our spare time is filled with hanging things or making sure all kids have finished the work. We finally finished our Flat Stanley wall -check it out!

This weekend, León and I did a lot of activities together. On Saturday, we went to El Museo a Cielo Abierto –an open air museum I’ve been wanting to check out forever. Basically, it’s a low-income, rundown neighborhood that has been transformed through art. A very diverse group of artists helped contribute to the over 30 murals painted on the sides of buildings. The art project has helped to restore the neighborhood and has made it a cultural and tourist attraction. San Miguel was a little far away for me, but in the end it was worth it. The area was definitely not very nice, but I loved visiting all of the murals. I even got to bring León with me.

^^ My favorite one

^^My other favorite

^^ This one is so cool because it incorporates the food stand in front of it!

Afterwards, we went to the dog park. It was León’s first time back after his surgery. He was very happy to romp around with other pups and to reunite with his friends.

León met his twin!

That night I treated myself to a delicious meal at my favorite Thai restaurant.

On Sunday, León and I went to Parque Esculturas and enjoyed the nice weather. It was a very León-filled weekend.

^^Spring is just around the corner!

^^Our new friend!

Laughable Moments:

  • One of our students was presenting her Flat Stanley who traveled to Finland. I was working on something in the back of the room and I heard Dani tell the class “Wow he went all the way to Finland. You know, that’s where Santa lives!”

  • One of our students changed his meds this week and it was like having the Tasmanian Devil as a student. He was CRAZY. Every time we turned around he had gotten into something bad.

  • He was missing from class and we found him in the hallway soaking wet eating a chocolate bar. We asked him what happened, and he told us he didn’t remember. Finally, he told us he fell in a puddle at recess. I think he was scared he’d get in trouble for being all wet.

  • That same day him and his friend decided it would be funny to run around the hills pulling down their pants and giggling. Then he ran over to the pre-kinder and kinder area and peed in front of all of the little ones!!

  • When someone moves away here in Chile, the Chileans send them with a rubber band so that they eventually come back. I love that!

  • One of my students was trying to tell me she rode a horse but she kept telling me she ride a horse. When I corrected her she didn’t understand because in her head, rode means road.

  • Since we are an English speaking school, some of the kids get confused with language. The SC kids call the library the “libería” because it sounds like library. Libería means bookstore, biblioteca means library.

  • I was ordering a passionfruit juice from this juice bar (I’m OBSESSED with passion fruit right now) and the lady asked my name, she wrote “Chim” on my receipt.

  • I had to explain to Dani what a “booty-call” was.

^^ The sign says "In this building, commercial sex is prohibited"

^^I took an Uber on Thursday and it was like I had ordered my own limo driver. He opened the door for me, greeted me by saying “Good afternoon, my name is Nigel and I’ll be your Uber driver for today”, played jazz music the whole ride, and he gave me a Lindtt Chocolate bar!!

^^ This cat did not like León

This upcoming week should be hectic, it’s our last full week before Open House. Also, tomorrow is the dreaded vacunas (vaccines). We’re sure to experience lots of hysteria, tantrums and crying tomorrow –stay tuned for the horror stories!

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