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International Haircuts

Hi folks! Hope everyone is doing great! I sound like a broken record at this point but we’ve been extremely busy at school preparing for our Open House. Thankfully, it will be over this week as the big event is this Tuesday. Our class is pretty ready though, all of our centers are up and now the kids are practicing. I feel so much more prepared this time around in comparison to last year. Once we finish our Open House, we are in the home stretch. Just a few months left until school is out, I can’t believe it!

This week I’m also happy to report that I got my first international haircut! And let me tell you, it was much needed. Dani recommended this awesome Gringa hairdresser she used to go to. She is the hairdresser for most of the gringas at Santiago College actually. Her house is right down the road from my apartment so I went to her house instead of the salon. I just got some highlights and a much needed trim –I’m not so daring. But the hairdresser Kari is this badass gringa who is now a new friend of mine :)

This weekend, I was invited to my neighbors’ son’s first birthday party. These are the neighbors I’ve talked about before –the nicest people you will ever meet. Their son has down syndrome and is the most loved baby ever. León was also invited and he was the life of the party; everyone wanted to pet him and he was 100% okay with that.

^^ León loves babies

^^ Tomás their dog is sleeping in the basket underneath

During the day, I skyped in on my sister Laura’s baby shower. I felt really sad that I couldn’t be there in person but I’m grateful that technology was able to fill the void a little. Plus they had my face on a popsicle stick so it was like I was there anyway!

That night we went walking and stumbled upon this big event happening up the street. They closed down the street and turned it into street vendor thing. They sold food, clothes, art and all sorts of other stuff.

Sunday was a day full of rest and relaxation. I had plans to go to this Chilean event in the park but I never got the energy.

Laughable Moments:

  • I was walking León one night and stopped to talked to a neighbor on the street. León ran across the sidewalk to say hi to someone when a runner came barreling through. León’s leash created a finish-line effect. Luckily, the guy realized the leash was blocking his path before disaster struck.

  • My co-worker was telling me how she learned the word “darn” in the U.S. but she was pronouncing it “darn-ne”. When I told her how to say it, she thought I was saying “dan”.

  • On our ride the school, my co-worker’s 2-year old daughter told me to smell her cat stuffed animal. I obliged and smelled the cat. Katty, my co-worker asked why she wanted me to smell it and she said “because it is a cat and cats smell bad.”

  • My hairdresser had another client at her house getting his hair done. She told me that she met him by walking up to him on the street and asked him if he wanted her to do his hair. She said his hair looked terrible. I couldn’t stop laughing at that story.

  • I was walking with León behind an average guy one night. All of a sudden the guy saw a French fry on the ground, he picked it up, ate it and then continued walking.

  • I decided to take a relaxing bath one night. León decided the bath was for him and dove right in –it was really really hot. The poor guy jumped right out, and ran all over the house in shock. I think he learned his lesson.

  • If you ever want an honest opinion about a new haircut, just walk into an elementary school. One kid asked me "Miss, why did you put white in your hair?". I got many confused looks and many kids I don't even know asked me what I did with my hair.

^^ We have a student who keeps cutting her hair but the mother doesn't believe us. So we sent this home...

^^ People from a university were doing an art project. When the metro below went by, the papers danced.

^^ Chile is preparing for the 18th of September, their Independence day -all the little girls wear these dresses

^^ "I'm glad you're all here. I've called this meeting today..."

^^ This friend broke my heart. I played and pet him for a bit on the street. He followed me all the way from my house to the mall, waiting at stop lights with me and everything. I wanted nothing more than to take him home. :(

^^ León and his león

Wish us luck on Open House this tuesday night!!

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