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Not Your Average AUNTIE!

Hey hey! I’ve had a wonderful short week at school! For starters, I’m officially an aunt and I can’t even contain my excitement! Madilyn Kathryn Schriver was born early this morning at 7:05am. Everything went well, and props to my sister for doing it au naturel. She is the most perfect little princess, born just in time to watch the Giants lose. I don't know how I will be able to wait until February to meet this angel.

^^Meeting her for the first time. Thank God for technology!

In other news, we had a good week at school. The weather is getting really warm -hot even. I feel like we went straight from winter to summer, there was no in-between. In school, we started our new unit on plants and animals which is obviously my favorite unit. We start each unit with a provocation which gets the kids thinking. We did our pet rock provocation which is sort of evil, but it is quite amusing at the same time. What we do is we show the kids a shoebox and tell them we have a new class pet inside, what are we going to need to take care of it (so we discuss what we need to be alive i.e. water, food, shelter). Then we open the box and inside is a rock. My class this year all started laughing, they reacted better than my class last year. They even named the rock Jack Sparrow and took him to recess…

We got a new teacher this week, to replace Cata who is moving to Barcelona. Things in first grade are kind of a mess since we just lost two teachers!

This weekend was great, I hung out with my neighbors and took León to the park where I met some really nice people. Afterwards, I went to one of my favorite restaurants and they let León sit with me.

This coming week, we have student-led conferences which take up a lot of time. We will be meeting with each child and their parents for 20 minutes. Wish us luck!

Laughable Moments:

  • My co-worker was telling me about someone “Her mom is a very important statue in Chile” she quickly realized she meant to say “sculptor”

  • We were separating words that begin with sh and ch into category. There was a Sheila category (princess) or Chuck category (muscley dude). The word was ‘children’ so we put it in the ‘ch’ category aka Chuck’s. One of the girls says “Children go with Chuck. He must be married…”

  • We were telling the kids about the student-led conferences next week and we told them “We have something exciting happening next week!” “Christmas!” uh no…

  • I went into another classroom to get something and the teachers asked me what the name of the animal on the projector was. I told them it was an otter. My co-worker said “oh, I thought it was a hippo!”

  • I realized people congratulating me for being an aunt is like congratulating me for being alive!

^^ León is so trendy

^^ I need to work on... "not peeing in the patio" patio = playground. Excellent plan!

^^ You don't see that everyday

^^ Is it me or does this plant look like a bird??

^^ And the hunt for good pickles still continues, 1 year later...

^^When your friends bring you things back from the U.S.

^^ I found this leaf on the street and it's a perfect heart!!

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