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October in Santiago!

Hi there!

Hope everyone had a lovely week, I know I did. This week, we had Student-Led Conferences so things were a bit hectic. The kids had a half day on Tuesday and the day off on Wednesday so that we could hold conferences. Since we’re an IB school, much of the curriculum is driven by the students, so the students actually led their own conferences. Although it was exhausting to meet with each student and their parents for 20 minutes each (we have 27 students so that’s 540 minutes FYI), it was really nice to see how much progress each kid has made and how proud their parents are of them. It’s really amazing to see the change from the beginning of first grade (they’re basically babies) to the end of first grade. Before they could barely write, now they’re writing paragraphs!

^^ Pretty proud of my latest bulletin board

This week, we also celebrated Jose's birthday, one of my co-workers and good friends. Both Maida and Ingrid stopped by during the celebration with their babies –(they’re both from our first grade team but out on maternity leave). It was a great planning session filled with food, babies and laughs.

This week I also got some new artwork for my apartment and León definitely approves. Also, completely random but after coming back from a run this week, I came back to a stretcher and empty body-bag in the lobby of my apartment. I was pretty freaked out, after taking León for a walk I came back to find them putting an older lady on the stretcher and zipping her into the bag all the way up to her neck, my feeling is that she must have been cold or something. They were giving her oxygen, but her eyes were closed. It was definitely scary but I’m glad she was alive –after seeing what looked like a body-bag I was sure somebody had passed away. They left with the sirens on so thats a good sign. I have been praying that she is okay.

^^ León in his element at the dog park

^^ One of my favorite streets in Santiago

Laughable Moments:

  • During one of our conferences, we were talking about how the student should try to read more in English at home. The mom said, “We have lot’s of English books at home like The Cat in the House "

  • My co-worker told me she’s having “arrangements” done to her house like painting and re-modeling. It took me a second to realize she meant construction.

  • One of my students asked me how many animals I had at home in the U.S. , I proceeded to tell her the list, when I told her I had two goats, she thought I said I had two dolphins. Man that would be cool!

^^ The best time of year is here!!

^^ Super sexty

^^ What a creep

^^ We are learning about adjectives so we made adjective capes where we taped a paper to our backs and everyone walked around writing adjectives about each other. This is my cape. My personal favorite is cute...

^^ New favorite cup

Hope everyone enjoys their week!

^^ P.S. How perfect is my new niece Madi? She's one week old today!

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