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Boo Po!

Hey y’all!

Man, it’s been an intense week at school. Not sure why, but my students have gone loco. We’re thinking they’re tired at this point in the year, so they’re very needy. All of the boys are fighting with each other at recess, both physically and verbally over football.

One of our special friends has been having a very tough week. When he is angry or upset, he gets really weird and won’t talk to anyone. He walks around the classroom doing whatever he pleases. Usually he tries to get attention by throwing things, or pushing his desk around the classroom. It was a really tough week trying to help him while teaching 26 other kids simultaneously. The amount of times we spent in the principal's office this week is amusing.

^^ I finally received my Absentee Ballot this week. If I can vote while living in another country, so can you!

This weekend was really great and helped make up for an intense week. On Friday, I went to Joaquín’s birthday party (Flo’s boyfriend). It was on the rooftop of a fabulous apartment with a beautiful view of the city. Although I didn’t know most of the people, it was a nice time. We had a barbecue and Flo made some delicious sangria.

On Saturday night, Edel invited me to a gringo annual Halloween party. Reminder: Gringo = English speaking people As we learned last year, Halloween is pretty lame here in Chile. Luckily, this year I got to celebrate my favorite holiday American style. But unfortunately, Edel didn’t arrive to the party until very late because her sister was arriving from Ireland and her flight got delayed a day. I spent the night with Edel’s friends who welcomed me with open arms. She has a huge Gringo group with people from the program she did last year.

^^ Circus Britney, 'Crazy' Britney, Alligator, Bald Britney, Post-Divorce Britney, Schoolgirl Britney

I came across an awesome alligator costume in the thrift store and had to have it. A lot of other people did group costumes. We had the Power Puff Girls, The Adam’s Family, Pokemon and the many stages of Britney Spears. I felt like Cady Heron in Mean Girls when she shows up to the Halloween party as a terrifying "ex-wife" and everyone else is dressed slutty.

Laughable Moments:

  • One of my students was trying to tell me she had a bump on her leg “uh Miss? I have a hill on my leg”

  • One of the fathers of my students is getting married so some of the little girls are attending the wedding. One of them wrote in her journal about the upcoming wedding, here is an excerpt: “ We are going to have a wedding. They are going to kiss on the mouth”

  • My co-worker was telling me she liked my pants but told me “Kim, I like your legs!”

  • My co-worker’s 6 year-old daughter just celebrated her birthday. She has decided to ask Santa Claus for wings for Christmas. Katty, her mom, told her, if you could have wings, don’t you think you would have seen other kids with wings to which she replied, “Nobody has thought to ask for them before”.

  • This Sunday was Election Day in Chile (not the presidential election). All of the clubs are closed the night before Election Day because they don’t want people to be hung over the next day.

  • I was telling some Chilean guys at the party I have a puppy, in Spanish. They replied in English, “Ahhh you have a poopy!” I then had to explain the difference between ‘poopy’ and ‘puppy’.

^^ In Chilean Spanish they put 'po' (which means nothing) on the end of words "sipo" "nopo" "yapo". So this is quite funny...

^^ León became friends with my favorite park dog!

^^ He's training to meet Dobbin

This upcoming weekend is a very long one! We have Monday and Tuesday off! I'm headed on a solo-trip to the South for a few days.

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