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Gray hair at 24?

Hey there!

I sound like a broken record saying it’s been an intense week, but this week in particular was quite intense. With just 3 weeks left with the kiddos, everyone is running low on energy, including my students.

We’re in our last unit which is all about expression and feelings. Ironically, we have a student who is having a very rough time for some unknown reason. He becomes non-verbal and does whatever he pleases around the classroom to get attention such as walking on top of the desks, moving furniture, dumping the contents of desks or throwing things across the room. Our kiddos are so good in that they know to ignore these behaviors. This friend has just started seeing a psychologist so we hope he gets better soon. Some days, he runs out of the classroom and away from us (and he is fast!). Sometimes bribery works (he likes food) but it’s not a guarantee. Man, he is exhausting.

This week we had to stay late for our after school meeting on Wednesday and then on Thursday we had to stay until 6pm for a workshop (12 hours at school!). The first grade teachers are being trained in a program called AMARE so we have to take a 20-class course and attend this workshop. My brain was fried afterwards, seeing as the entire thing was in Spanish.

On Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting up with a long-lost friend from the states. I actually met her in pre-school! She and her two friends are traveling through South America so we got to connect. It’s so fun meeting up with friends passing through and showing them a little bit about Santiago.

^^ They really wanted to try "terremotos" -a very touristy drink, but one should experience it once in their lifetime

Laughable Moments:

  • While on recess duty, half of the kids were all circled around a baby bird who had fallen from a very tall palm tree. Being an animal lover, I took it upon myself to move the baby bird to a safe area away from the curious kids. The palm tree was way too tall for me to put him back in his nest. All of the other kids now know me as “The Miss who saved the bird”

  • When it’s someone’s birthday in the class, we give them a sticker that says “It’s my Birthday”. I’ve noticed that apparently it’s not common sense to put it on your shirt as most of the kids have either put it on their desk or stuck it in their locker. I guess I’ll have to explain where to put it next time…

  • I took León to the dog park, and there was a very friendly dog who enjoyed being pet. I think León got jealous because when I stood up to leave, my back was wet. I quickly realized, a dog had actually peed on me!! I’m 90% sure it was León marking his territory.

  • I got my hair done this weekend and my hairdresser told me that she found 2 gray hairs! I couldn’t believe it! I have my students to thank for that I think.

^^ I was riding the bus when this friend got on. I bet he was headed to the park.

^^ León met his doppelgänger

^^ I found a cat attending the old Santiago College

^^ The dog park was poppin' that day

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