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"It was like the scene at the watering hole in Mean Girls"

Hi Friends!

Just a short update for tonight. This week we had an extra long weekend, which was glorious. We had Thursday and Friday off. I stayed in Santiago and kept myself busy.

School this week went well, the kiddies are leaving at 1:30 now. We had a going away party for our student who has been traveling back and fourth to Boston for cancer treatment (see older posts). Her mom was so appreciative for all that we’ve done for her. We sent her off with a drawstring backpack with a class photo on it, a stuffed animal for her to hug when she misses us, and a book with messages from the kids.

This weekend I bought a bike! I’ve been poking around a bit and I finally committed. 3 times a year we get a gift card from our insurance (long story), so I used that and only spent about $7 out of pocket. Score! León is still getting used to the basket, but he’ll suck it up if he wants to go to the park.

We’re approaching our final week with the kids. Their last day will be this Wednesday. It’s such a bittersweet feeling, but I genuinely feel these kids are ready for second grade.

^^ Pretty proud of the embellishments I added. Thanks for the sewing classes mom!

My photoshoot photos are in: (see last post, I didn't actually pay to have this done)

Laughable Moments:

  • When I was looking at bikes, the guy asked me if I lived here or was just vacationing. Why yes, I’m planning on purchasing an expensive bike for just a week…

  • On Monday, one of my special friends was having a rough day, so much so that he decided he was going to walk home. Next thing I knew, he had his backpack on and was making his way down the hallway.

  • We set off confetti poppers when we gave the goodbye gift. The second they went off, it was like an unwritten agreement that each and every student would lunge from their chairs to get the streamers on the floor. It was like the scene at the watering hole in Mean Girls. Never. Again.

^^ I think I've kept Christmas presents "away from the dogs" more than I've actually ever kept them under the tree in my lifetime...

Tomorrow is León’s first birthday! I cannot believe it; he’s not going to be a puppy anymore. My boy is so grown up! Next thing I know, he'll be off to college!

All for now. Cheers to the last week of school! Another year in the books!! :D

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