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Ready for ya, 2017!

Hi friends! If you’re reading this then you’ve made it to 2017, congratulations!!

Let’s rewind to the beginning of the week shall we? Without the kids at the school, work moves painfully slow. Working with adults is no fun! But we did have an amazing 3-day workshop on teaching writing, “Writer’s Workshop”, which is all the rage in the teaching world. Aside from the fact that I’m a brand-spanking-new teacher, this really was the best professional development I’ve had so far.

The dude running the workshop was a gringo from Long Island –It was so refreshing to have all of our meetings in English. He really knew what he was talking about; I hope one day to be that knowledgeable and good of a teacher. Rumor has it, SC paid him $15,000 to come give us this workshop. It’s disgusting how much money this school has.

This weekend was the new year and it was pretty tranqui this year. I spent New Years Eve with Flo and her parents. We went to a nice Chinese restaurant and ordered a feast. We ate like birds, and took more than half of the food home, but it was delicious and the company was wonderful.

^^Sitting next to a famous dude NBD

Afterwards we drove up the hill and watched the fireworks over the city. Flo laughed at me when I asked if we were going to countdown to the new year. How are you supposed to know?!

^^2016, the year of the lion

^^Best part of 2016 was this guy

The rest of the weekend was so nice.

Now that we’re officially in January, things are going to start to fly. Although I’ve been counting down to summer vacation, now I’m getting sad I won’t see my co-workers each day. In less than a month, I’ll be in The Galapagos with Lex, turning 25, flying home with León, reuniting with my family and meeting my niece for the first time.

Accomplishment of the week: I got my landlord to lower my rent $75 a month. I’m quite the business woman if I do say so myself.

Laughable Moments:

  • Now that my co-worker is back from maternity leave, I ride with her to work again. Whenever she wants to curse in English, she always says “Fox!” instead of, well you can guess. It kills me, I’m never going to correct her. I love it too much.

  • One day I came home from work and León gave me a big toothy-grin. I noticed that his gums were LIME green. After some investigation, I realized he had enjoyed a pack of gum in my absence.

  • The guy running the workshop and I were talking about New York and I told him I’m from CT. He said he used to work in Ellington. ARE YOU KIDDING?!

^^ JP from Fuller House is drinking mate, maybe he's Chilean

^^I want one of these...

^^He's actually biting my nose in this picture...

^^ I needed a seat, Santa won't mind

^^ Mom's response to my "Year of the Lion" picture

^^ I hope y'all wore your yellow underwear on New Year's Eve!


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