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Chileans Drive White Cars and Eat Hamburgers with Forks

Hola hola hola

Coming at ya live from the winner’s circle. I’m OFFICIALLY on summer vacation!!

This week I volunteered to help with Summer School at SC. Most of the students that attend are from the community and they're underprivileged. Summer School is one week and free to those who attend. I was excited to participate to experience what it would be like working with kids from a different socio-economic class than my students in Chile.

Other than that, the week was great. I went and got my tarot cards read which was quite an experience. I pictured walking into a dark room, with a lady seated at a round table with a crystal ball like Madame Zeroni in the movie Holes. Instead, it was a dirty apartment filled with many people doing many weird things. The lady offered me a “translator” but I could translate better than she could.

But the actual experience was pretty cool, I’ve never done anything like that. Some things she said were spot on, but other things made me a bit skeptical. She told me some things that are going to happen this year, so we’ll have to wait and see if she lives up to her word. A friend recommended I go see her -her boyfriend and mom both said the things she told them came true (*cue The Twilight Zone music).

On Thursday night we had a farewell party for our beloved veteran first grade teachers, Katty and Ceci. Many people were confused as to why we had a farewell party for them if they are both remaining at SC (Ceci is going to second-grade and Katty is going to be a literacy coach). What they don’t get is how close each grade-level team is. It is like leaving your family. We won't see them everyday anymore.

The party was a play on our huge Open House we have mid-semester in first grade. It was hilarious and exemplifies how dedicated, caring and passionate this team is. We’re all very close and really sad to see them go.

^^ We made them actual progress reports just like we do for the kids -except they were hilarious.

^^ In the actual Open House its "100 Reasons Why we Love Chile"


So what's on the horizon for this teacher? I've got an action-packed summer. I'm headed to The Galápagos Islands on the 19 to meet by best friend Lex and celebrate my birthday. THEN I'm headed home for A WHOLE MONTH (with León). THEN I'm coming back to Chile for the first week of school. THEN I'm jetting off to India with my mom for two weeks.

Laughable Moments:

  • The tarot lady kept telling me I need to relax and stop being so stressed. I asked her what I could to reduce my stress and she told me I could try yoga or drugs.

  • There was a tiny lizard (like a salamander) in the hallway. My co-worker tried to pick him up to put him outside. Just as I was saying “Ingrid! Don’t pick him up by the ta-“ His tail fell off. We all screamed bloody murder. It was so creepy because the tail kept moving. (He was fine, it’s a defense mechanism)

  • The day after the farewell party all my co-workers ate like birds “yesterday we ate like porks!” one of them said.

  • One morning everyone kept complimenting my shirt, but I kept saying how I feel like it’s choking me. Halfway through the day I realized it was choking me because it was on backwards…

  • When León was saying hi to the conserje downstairs I dropped his leash, but instead of saying “oops, I dropped his leash”, in Spanish, I said “oops, I dropped his mail”. Correa =leash, correo =mail

  • I realized there is a very slight difference between the Spanish words “tarotista” (tarot card reader) and “terorista” (terrorist)

  • On Friday we all went to a new burger place for lunch. While chowing down on my burger I looked up and quickly realized I was the only one not eating my burger with a fork and knife. Chileans are weird man…

^^ The "Safe Spot" has now become the "Safe Pot"

^^ It took me 4 days to realize something wasn't right. I was using a 2016 calendar...


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