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Miss America & Chilean Wedding #2

Hi friends, sorry I haven’t written in a while, it’s been a whirlwind the past couple of weeks. Concluding a semester is no joke for teachers, even elementary school teachers. I’m still not finished with the laundry-list of things I still need to do. But as I’ve always said, I prefer to be busy rather than not…

The Fourth of July

This was my second fourth of July in Chile, remember I initially arrived in August. Since SC is technically an American Private School, they really go all out. I’ve always felt a bit strange about celebrating the 4th so proudly while in Chile, but I truly appreciate all of the thought and work they put in to make the day so special. Every year, the American teachers are cordially invited to attend a lavish breakfast with the headmistress. And every year my invitation is addressed to Jennifer Stryker. I do feel a hint of guilt attending such a lavish breakfast when the other foreign teachers are not invited. They have made the same sacrifices we have to be here and yet they’re not invited or celebrated.

There were far less gringas in attendance compared to last 4th. But they put much more thought into it this year, which was sweet. They had the whole room decorated in red white and blue. There were bagels (I stole 2 for the road), waffles with maple syrup, bacon, eggs, roast beef, mini cheeseburgers, donuts, cheesecake, brownies and yogurt parfaits. It was quite delicious, even if was 9 in the morning and we were eating cheeseburgers.

Afterwards, we had a big assembly. The middle-schoolers did research projects on The U.S. and were in charge of the assembly. They did a hilarious skit of the different decades of American music. There was everything from Elvis to Cyndi Lauper to Backstreet Boys. The middle schoolers also always square-dance at the end. It’s so interesting to see the perception of your country through the eyes of another… At the end of the assembly, they called all of the American teachers on stage and presented us with flowers. It's the strangest thing I've ever received recognition for.

^^ My Miss America Moment

Chilean Wedding #2

After a hectic week, we had time to enjoy ourselves at Jose’s wedding, our first-grade team member and one of my good friends. This was my second Chilean wedding so I won’t go into so much depth as I did the first. If you'd like to know about Chilean Weddings, I invite you to read my blog post about the first Chilean wedding I attended. This was the first wedding where I attended the dinner-portion as well.

Things that I have observed between both weddings that are very foreign to me:

  • The poor groom has to wait outside the church while the guests make a line to say hello and congratulations to him. The poor guy was out there for like an hour and a half saying hello to many people he didn’t even know! The bride has the better gig if you ask me.

  • I said this before, but my least favorite thing about Chilean weddings (don’t get me wrong, I love Chilean weddings) is that they don’t kiss!! When they’re pronounced husband and wife he kisses her on the cheek and they have an awkward hug. WHAT?! I know they’re very conservative in Chile, but common!

  • In the second wedding, they didn’t give any toasts.

Jose’s wedding was so much fun. It will definitely go down in history as one of the most fun nights I’ve had in Chile. Not to mention how gorgeous everything was! When we pulled the curtain back to enter (yes the curtain), my jaw dropped! Everything was so beautiful and delicious, I felt so fancy. We danced all night long, and many of my closest Chilean friends were there. It was much needed after such a stressful past couple of weeks.

Stay tuned folks, there’s a very special Chilean wedding #3 taking place next month and a very special guest is flying in to accompany me.

Laughable Moments:

  • A Chilean friend was asking me “What is your stomach ache telling you” and I was so confused. Then I realized she was trying to ask me “ What is your gut telling you”

  • I went to vote with a friend on voting day but he kept saying we were going boating, instead of voting. The English ‘v’ and ‘b’ are very difficult for Spanish speakers to differentiate between.

^^ The kids were allowed to come dressed as American Historical Figures

^^ One of the best I've found so far, I almost bought it!

All for now, time to enjoy week 2 of July vacation!!

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