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"Chile is a country made up of men with incredible facial hair"

Hello strangers!

For starters, my best friend ever came to visit me. He really deserves a trophy for dropping everything just to escort me to a very important wedding. More on the wedding later!

For all of y’all who have asked, Theo and I are just friends. Tranqui!! Also, he’s gay, so theres that…

Theo arrived on Friday by following my very elaborate guide on how to get from the airport to my apartment. That night we went to an artisan market and then met Fran, Benja and his cousins for dinner.

The following day was the wedding, but we did have time in the day to go meet Sofía. Sofía is a llama that lives at the bottom of Cerro San Cristóbal. Usually Juan Pablo (also a llama) is working, but he had the day off. Sofía is a very regal llama, but she hates her hat.

Friday was the wedding, separate post on that to come.

On Sunday, we slept in very late and then we went to the top of Sky Costanera, the tallest building in Latin American which is conveniently located 8 minutes from my apartment. Thanks to this building, I always know how to get home. Theo agrees that Santiago has the best sunsets ever.

On Monday, I took the day off and we went to Valparaíso. Just as I suspected, Theo loved it! I love Valparaíso and all of it’s quirky charm and I knew he would too. Our day could not have been better, not to mention the weather. We spent the day exploring the tiny art-filled streets and climbing the monstrous hills. We had the most amazing lunch looking over the city and reminiscing.

The next two days I had to work. But we still had a great time watching Friends, walking around and laughing. I don’t think we stopped laughing this entire trip.

León is very sad Theo is gone.

Theo’s visit was much needed. It was so nice to have a familiar face in town and someone to do touristy things with. My heart feels happy and refreshed now. While I love to be alone, it always nice to see an old friend. And they don’t get more special than this guy.

Laughable "Theo" Moments:

  • Theo kept telling people “escuchar” as “excuse me” since they kind of sound the same. But he was really telling them “to listen”

  • "Chile is a country made up of men with incredible facial hair" 100% agreed, man.

  • "I can't believe 3 days ago I didn't know what manjar was"

^^ Lapis Lazuli toes

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