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When all the children started chanting "fuck"

Hola strangers!

I've been on my work grind, barely able to find time to come up for air.

We've had some fun things going on at school the past couple of weeks. One of my student's parents came in to give us a special presentation all about our bodies since they're both doctors. Our current unit of inquiry is Our Amazing Bodies, where we learn all about how to protect our bodies and germs etc. They went all out and brought X-ray machines, stethoscopes, Dr. badges for each student and even real human bones...

We also had another presentation by a doctor from one of the best Clinics here in Santiago come in and give us a workshop on how to act in dangerous situations. It was so beneficial for the kids; I wish every kid could experience that workshop. She talked about what to do when crossing the street, why we need to wear helmets and how to cross the street safely. They're things that we think every kids knows, yet not all of them do.

Fall is in full swing here in Santiago. It always amuses me that there's no gradual change of seasons here in Santiago. It's like, you wake up one day and boom, all of the leaves are red and orange.

A few weeks ago we went to a wine and jazz festival, even León came along.

While there, we found a photography company was taking pictures for suuuper cheap. So León and I decided to have our very own photoshoot. Here's a few:

I've been spending a lot of time working on finding an inner balance/ peace in my life. I'd be lying if I said I don't struggle to juggle it all. There's a lot to balance in terms of work-life, social life, personal health, mental health, chores and so much more. But so is life, especially your mid-twenties #amirite

Laughable Moments:

  • Somewhere, somehow my students, who barely speak English, all started casually saying "what the fuck". Mind you, they're 6 years old.

  • I was sitting at my desk one day, while they were in Spanish class and I overheard one of them say it. I thought I must be hearing things. Later that day, I was reading a story to them on the rug, and at a silly part in the story, one of the boys in the front says clear as day, " what. the. fuck." The girl next to him started chanting "fuck, fuck, fuck" I told them right then and there that we can't say that because it's a swear word in English, but every now and then, I hear someone say it. They also like to say "oh my god" with their little accents.

  • "So can we say 'what'?" "yes" "Can we say 'the'?" "yes" "Can we say 'fuck'?" "NO!"

  • They all think 'fuck' means 'fox', they can't hear the difference

  • I took León for a walk along the river and I have no idea what he rolled in, but at one point, I noticed that all of the leaves were sticking to him. As we walked, more and more leaves were collecting on him. He was covered in something so sticky, it could only be described as maple syrup. I had to carry him home because he couldn't walk with all of the leaves stuck to him.

  • My students don't hear/ recognize that there's a difference between the word "food" and "foot". So during an assessment, they had to write some healthy habits down. In the food category, one student wrote "foot massage" because she thought it was the "foot" category.

^^ Anybody know why serrano ham is listed in the baby accessories section??

^^ I honestly, truly just don't know.

^^ A terrible name for a shampoo. Someone should consult me on these things first.

^^A good find at the English book fair

^^ The lady after me in the photoshoot (whom I don't know) asked if she could borrow León

  • Not only did someone ask to borrow my dog, my neighbors asked to borrow my apartment to record a video message since mine was much cleaner than theirs. I'm glad I live a life that people wouldn't mind borrowing!

By the way, we were able to raise $300 for my neighbor's hospital bills in raffle tickets. The hospital forgive 50% of their debt and the husband's work also raised money for them. They are so deserving of this amazing blessing and I'm so happy for them to almost be debt-free from the hospital.

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