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Pet-Friendly Santiago

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santiago, Chile is becoming more welcoming towards our furry friends. Below i've listed the best pet-friendly places to visit with your pup.

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Daniel's Bakery (Nuñoa) -A comfy cozy restaurant-cafe where your 4-legged friend can rest on the faux-grass terrace. Bonus points for having a "dog menu" where you can order a peanut butter-filled Kong or homemade treats. 

Cofi (Providencia) -With several locations, this cafe loves when clients bring their dogs along with them and often post photos of them on their instagram.

Tea Connection (Providencia) -Another cafe with faux-grass and a cozy atmosphere. With 2 locations in Providencia, they're experts in tea and offer a full menu with brunch options.

Beppo Cafe (Providencia) -This charming cafe offers indoor and outdoor seating with a large, elegant terrace that is overlooked by a beautiful victorian-style house. The service is excellent.

Dashund Coffee (Providencia) -Passionate and friendly staff with exceptional coffee. This cafe is constantly acknowledged for the amount of care they put into every dish.

Cafetín (Las Condes) - Recommended by a reader

Cafe Mudra (Providencia) -Recommended by a reader

Don Bono Cafe & Bakery (Providencia) -Recommended by a reader

Doce Trece Sandwich Shop​ (Providencia) -A delicious burger and sandwich place that serves generous portions and delicious chorrillanas. The staff is friendly and they even have water bowls on the terrace.

Lusitano’s Restaurant & Cafe (Providencia) -A spacious and beautifully decorated restaurant, with not one, but two terraces. They are primarily a Mediterranean/Portuguese restaurant, but there's a little bit of everything on the menu.

Coquinaria (Las Condes) -great for a nice glass of wine and appetizer or two. 

Manatí (Nuñoa) -An award-winning vegetarian restaurant that specializes in gourmet veggie-burgers.


Eclectíco (Providencia) -Typical bar-food, with a wide-range of choices and good prices.

Tío Tomate (Vitacura)Specializes in pizza, good prices and several locations in Chile.

Jardín Mallinkrod (Providencia) -An interesting place, with a fun atmosphere. It's an open patio with several food trucks serving all kinds of different food. Great for a group that can't agree on what to eat!

Antiguo Sueño (Maipo) -Defined by it's quirkiness (we're talking bicycles in the trees), this restaurant has antiques scattered about. Friendly staff and great atmosphere.

Apumanque Shopping Center  (Las Condes) -An older shopping mall filled with stores, including a pet store.

Casa Costanera (Vitacura) -An elegant open-air style shopping center.

Parque Arauco (Las Condes) -A busy open-air style shopping center located close to a large park (Parque Araucano).

Falabella -A large, popular department store.

Ripley -A large, popular department store.

ManoRosa Spa (Providencia)


Guaubox -Similar to the Bark Box in the USA, you can sign up to have a box of handmade, organic dog-treats delivered to your door. You can also opt out of the monthly subscription and just buy one time. The owners are so kind and put a lot of thought into each box's theme. Every month, you'll receive a variety of different dog treats and a special treat for your doggo's birthday month.  Website

Mr. Paolo Accesorios -Unlike most pet stores that all seem to offer the same products, this online store is constantly creating new products. They design and sell beautiful items (of excellent quality) such as harnesses, leashes, bandanas and more. Website

Sabores by Monet -This company makes delicious, organic dog treats. They also offer personalized birthday cakes, cupcakes etc. for your beloved pet. Website

Patagon Raw - 100% dehydrated meat made into snacks for your pup. A huge hit with all the 4-legged friends -an added bonus that the treats are 100% natural and free of grains, flour and artificial preservatives. Website

Plaza Loreto Cousiño (Providencia) -My favorite dog park in Santiago. An un-enclosed space designated for dogs. Many dog owners visit after work in the evening. There are many dogs of all shapes and sizes for your pup to play with.

Parque Bicentenario (Vitacura) -A newly constructed space in the center of Parque Bicentenario built specifically for dogs. It is an enclosed space, with a water-station and several games and agility obstacles. Not a ton of space to run, but a great space for your dog to socialize.

Canino Park (Presidente Errázuriz, Las Condes) -An enclosed park with different obstacles for dogs to play on. Not a ton of space to run, but a great space for your dog to socialize.

Aracely is a wonderful person . She does wonderful work and handles dogs with care. She has worked in "peluquerías" before and has witnessed first-hand how poorly dogs are often treated by groomers behind closed doors. For that reason, she decided to start her own company, vowing to treat her furry clients with love and respect. She does her work at your house to help the dog feel more comfortable. Contact

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Dog Parks:

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