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1 Month Anniversary with Santiago

Hello hello!

What a week it has been! For starters, I can’t believe I’ve been in Chile for a month. Time really does fly!

At school this week, we had our big Open House. It went off without a hitch –the kids were so proud to show their work to their parents. The parents were so proud to see all that their child has accomplished. The kids came to Open House dressed in traditional Chilean clothing. They were adorable!!! And the dresses were beautiful –unfortunately, I’m not allowed to post pictures of students. Even though it was a very long day (7:30am -8:15pm), it was worth it!

The following day was a little bit hectic. The kids left at 1pm and we had a special teacher lunch afterwards. The school went all out. They hired profession Cueca dancers (the tradition Chilean dance), chefs and waiters. The food was delicious; they even gave us wine ;)

Thursday we had a professional development day so the kids did not come to school. Typically, schools have a week off or so for the September holidays. Our holidays started on Friday and will go all next week. It’s the perfect time to revamp, and explore the city unapologetically.

Speaking of exploration, my friend Florencia and I went to the newly opened Sky Costanera on Friday. The building is the tallest building in South America -300 meters tall, with 61 floors and a 360° view of Santiago. We had been waiting to go after it rained to help decrease the smog. Finally, we made it up to the top. It was the perfect day because very few people were there. We had a blast taking pictures and listening in on the free tour.

^^I was impressed that I found my apartment!

This weekend has been relaxing; I’ve been enjoying decorating my new apartment. Hopefully this week I’ll get some shopping in and knock off a few more tourist attractions. The Chilean Independence Day is this Friday, where the city will shut down in celebration. The parks will have special parties and people will be everywhere. I don’t know what to expect but I’m quite excited!

Laughable Moments:

  • On our way home from work, we passed a group of people on strike. My Chilean co-worker pointed them out and said “Wow, they must be having a stroke”

  • One of my students told me they will go to America with her family (everyone goes to Miami for some reason) to walk dogs.

  • Another one of my students told me, "Miss, I love you more than books"

  • I bought so many plants that the store gave me a free plastic crate because they saw I was struggling

  • Fun Fact: The black and white building across from me is Aetna -small world!!

^^Platform shoes are so in here, I had sketchers like these in the 90's. Not a fan...

^^ For all those who were worried, I found cookies identical to Principe cookies in Spain!! Best day ever!

^^ Casually stumbled upon this on a quick trip to the bathroom. Because the Dalai Lama visits every school right?

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