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Miss, we made Hell!!

Hi friends! Sorry for the delayed post.

Last week was a great week! Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Tuesday was Dani’s birthday, and the kids were super sweet to her. Some kiddos brought in presents for her, and I was surprised to find they had a twin present for me (for my birthday in January). When I told you Chileans like to celebrate, I wasn’t lying! Birthdays are a big deal here. Two of our little girls were making a mountain of sand in the sandbox and they asked me to take a picture of their masterpiece. As I snapped the pic, one of the girls sweetly told me, “it’s a birthday cake for Miss Dani” –and then my heart melted into pudding. Perhaps the best gift she received was our friend who refused to come into the classroom in the morning (yes, this is still happening 2 months later) came into the classroom first thing in the morning! Since then, he has come in every morning no problem! His parents have recently taken him to therapy and clearly it’s working!

On Wednesday, we had a lot to do. First, we had one of our student’s parents come in to talk about their jobs; they’re both doctors (talk about power couple). Since we’re learning about communities and how we work together, we invited a few parents in to discuss their jobs. The kids had a blast, they got to try on surgical masks and hear their heartbeats. Afterwards, the kids had to create their Mother’s Day gift using clay. We took a picture of each kid in a photo booth that said “I love you because” and the kids had to write on a whiteboard why they loved their mom. They made something out of clay (a pot, a paperweight or anything really) and we clipped the picture. They came out really cute. Finally, as if the day wasn’t exciting enough, the room mothers came in to celebrate Dani’s and mine (from January) birthdays.

It was truly a celebration to remember. The Moms went all out for us. They brought two delicious cakes, juice for the kids and tons of gifts. They even gave us each tiaras to wear! We certainly felt like princesses opening our many gifts. I can honestly say I’ve never celebrated my birthday in May.

^^ Yes, thats León and me.

^^Excellent gifts!!

On Friday, we had a field trip to Kidzania. We are learning all about communities and jobs within the community. I’d never been to Kidzania and did not know what to expect. When we finally arrived inside, my jaw dropped. It was a huge warehouse designed to resemble a town, with shops, streets and workers. It was amazing –like Disney World! Each adult had a group of about 6 that they were in charge of. The kids got to choose where they wanted to go. The object of Kidzania is for the kids to work inside the shops to earn Kidzania dollars.

^^ The town plaza

Kidzania is so realistic that the shops are models of the real thing. They have a kid size Pizza Hut, Jumbo (our grocery store), Nivea (lotion), LAN (the airline) literally EVERYTHING. There were probably 50 to 60 shops the kids could work at. In Pizza Hut, the kids actually baked Pizza Hut pizza and got to eat it. In Nivea, they made their own lotion. They had a fire station where the kids had to climb aboard a fire truck and fight a fire. They had a model of the inside of a plane, with real airplane seats and a real flight simulator for pilots. I’m telling you, this place was impressive.

^^ At the police station

The only downfall to Kidzania is that only about 6-8 kids can go into each shop and work at a time (adults are not allowed inside the shops). As a result, other kids have to wait outside for a long time. My group only got to go to about 5 or 6 shops, but it keeps the kids coming back. There were many other schools of kids there too, so it was crowded.

^^ Delivering packages around town

^^ At the dentist

My co-worker also told me there is a big conspiracy theory about Kidzania that the purpose of Kidzania is actually to manipulate kids into wanting to consume specific brands such as Pizza Hut when it comes to pizza. My response is, that is complete and utter bologna! Kidzania is one of the most hands-on and meaningful learning experiences offered to kids here! When I was 6 years old, I couldn’t tell you about architecture within the town, or why we wear masks at the dentists but after Kidzania, my students can! Most things in life are always geared towards adults, but this place was geared towards kids. Adults weren’t even allowed to enter the shops. I fully support Kidzania and think it is incredible. We need something like this in the States!

Over the weekend, León and I went to our favorite park. We explored the weird pond section where they keep gooses and flamingos. León did not know what to think of the flamingos.

^^ He's becoming more social!

Laughable Moments:

  • My co-worker was telling me about how she used to cook for her husband “I tried to make these nice dishes for him, but in the end, I fired them all!” –she burned them all.

  • At recess duty, I was standing close to a pole when a football (soccer ball) bounced off the pole and directly into my face. I wish I had a video, it was that good.

  • My co-worker’s daughter asked me if I saw a certain video on Youtoot

  • A few times a week we see a bunch of black cars with flashing lights surrounding another car. I asked my co-worker if that was the president and she said yes! We drive by the president every week!

  • I made a pinch pot and painted it with the kids for Mother’s Day. Many of the kids came up to me wide-eyed, “Miss, it’s beautiful!

  • While working on the computer silently, one of my students came up to me randomly and said “Miss, my brother went in a helicopter to the hospital”. I asked her if he was okay and she told me “yes, this was when he was 3. He is 12 now.”

  • At the pharmacy in Kidzania, the kids made their own alcohol hand sanitizer (known here as gel but pronounced as hel). The kids all came running out of the pharmacy screaming, “Miss! I made hell! We made hell!”

  • One of my kids wanted to use some of his Kidzania money so he gave the lady a 5 dollar bill and got 4 ones back. He innocently came up to me “Wow miss! I pay with one and I get four back!”

  • We had to change on of the kid's " I love you because" statements because he wrote " I love you because you buy me things"

^^ That looks painful

^^ Sporting my new SC mug

^^I love you and you love me

^^ If anyone was wondering, these two lovebirds are still going strong.

I’m excited for this Friday because my mom is coming to visit!! Have a great week everybody.

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