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Marble Factory VIP

Hey people, hope you had a great week! This week, work tired me out even more than usual so I welcomed the weekend with open arms. At school, we concluded our third unit on communities, which means we have officially reached the halfway point! 3 units down, 3 units to go! The kids all went to our “Imagine Lab” which is basically a room filled with all sorts of crap like boxes, string, glitter, paint etc. The kids go there to be creative and build things. Our kids created things to help a school community member with a problem they are having in school such as kids running in the hallway (they could create a poster that says no running).

^^ My favorite project: a poster that says "Do Not Lie" (for the kids who say they have a note to get out of P.E. but really don't)

On Thursday (our short day), Dani invited me to join her and her mother for lunch. We went downtown and picked her mom up at work. Her family owns a marble factory and her mom manages it! We walked down the road to this cute and rustic old house that didn’t look like a restaurant from the outside. The inside wasn’t anything fancy, but the smell was amazing. It was a tiny restaurant, owned by an Italian family. They change the menu each day and there are only about 4-5 options each day. For about $11 I got an appetizer soup, a main course, dessert and a coffee. The food was out of this world. We are going to go back this Thursday and I’m already looking forward to it!

^^ Zucchini soup appetizer

^^ Chocolate Mousse dessert

You're probably wondering where the photo of my main dish is... well I ate it so fast that I didn't have time to take a picture. It was homemade pumpkin and cheese stuffed raviolis with a creamy butter sauce.

After lunch, Dani took me to a popular street called Patronato. A buzzing street downtown where you’ll find all kinds of things for super cheap. It reminded me a bit like Chinatown. The street seems to go on forever, but if you put in the time, you can walk away with some pretty cute clothes. Afterwards, we went back to the factory where her mom gave me a tour. They have marble and granite from all of the world like India and Italy and in all different colors. They showed me how they cut the marble -with diamonds (because they're so sharp). The factory was really cool and I especially enjoyed her mom's dog Poncha!

This weekend, León got his haircut. Now he is super soft and all of his mats are gone. I also went back to Patronato to take a closer look and I found some cute clothes. Although it wasn’t so eventful, I got many things done this weekend and had some much needed downtime.

Laughable Moments:

  • During class this week, one of my students came up to me and asked “Miss, how many ears do you have?” Concerned that he didn’t know the answer, I asked him to count with me “1, 2”. He then laughed and then said “nooo, how many years do you have?” He wanted to know how old I was.

  • A friend asked me if I’d ever visited the fly market before. She meant flea market.

  • After eating our soup, Dani’s mom commented that the soap was delicious. Sopa is soup in Spanish.

  • When the groomer arrived for León, they called me down to the lobby. A lady waiting down there started cracking up, she told me she had pictured a big hairy dog to come down with a name like "León" (lion) and instead, my little 8-pound boy trotted out of the elevator instead.

^^ Its not every day that you walk by a mannequin store.

^^ I thought it said "Ass Supermarket"

^^ Cool.....

^^ "Which animal is this? It swims in the sea." "It's a bear miss!"

^^ The leaves are huge here!!

I'm super jealous of all of the summer posts I'm seeing from back home. Things are getting a bit colder here and the leaves are almost all gone. Hope everybody back home enjoys the holiday weekend and the summer sun that I'm missing so much!

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