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Open House comes to a Close!!

Hey hey hey, coming to you from the survivor’s circle. OPEN HOUSE IS FINISHED (and it was quite a success). This week felt like it dragged on for about a million years, but we made it!

Tuesday was the big day, and I was running around like a headless chicken all day long. First we had school, then ran home (not literally) to walk León and change –I think I had about 30 minutes total. After that, I had to meet my ride and go back to school for the Open House. I drank a much needed Red Bull, ate an empanada and did my hair and makeup all in the car. Open House began at 6pm and we finished at about 8:30pm.

^^ My lovely partner Dani

^^ A much needed celebratory drink

It went really really well. I love Open House because afterwards, the parents start to realize that we don’t just sit around and play with blocks all day –we actually work really really hard. I felt so proud of my kiddos that night, it’s hard to express. That’s the part of teaching that you can’t put a price on –it’s so rewarding sometimes. I also love how the kids all come dressed in traditional Chilean clothes –they are absolutely adorable. I have plans to buy my own cueca dress at some point because why not?! I even bought a teeny tiny dress to keep in the family for my future nieces and maybe even my own kiddos (waaaay in the future).

This week, Santiago College lost one of our violin teachers to cancer. I didn’t personally know her but I had some of her students in my class. It was clear the legacy she left behind. We had a whole-school tribute to her on Thursday. That day was supposed to be a grand celebration for dieciocho (Chile’s Independence Day) but it was dedicated to Miss Sarita instead. The kids spent the day playing traditional Chilean games and we concluded the day eating empanadas and popsicles in our classroom. Friday, thankfully, was the start to our September vacation (10 days!).

We also had another little despedida or going-away party during our "last recess" together. Thursday was Cata and Javi's official last day at SC before they jet off to Barcelona and Australia.

On Saturday I treated myself to a much needed massage. I’ve been so tense and stressed out that I’ve actually been in a lot of pain. The masseur told me it felt like he was massaging a rock. He also told me that I need to be careful or I’ll look like Quasimodo when I’m older –Chileans tell it like it is.

Laughable Moments:

  • I thought I saw my friend’s boyfriend walking down the street and I excitedly said hi. He gave me a weird look and continued walking. After talking to my friend, I realized I saw his identical twin brother on the street.

  • The masseur was telling me to relieve some of the pain in my foot, I can run my “tooth” up and down the arch of my foot. I realized he meant thumb. At first, I was thinking, hmm not sure I'm capable of that...

  • During the Open House my Tasmanian Devil student thought it would be a good idea to play the music that told everyone to move on to the next center. Except that it wasn’t time to change and some people changed and others stayed. Everything went to Hell at that point.

^^ León's new friend

^^ They even sell doggie cueca dresses -I thought long and hard and decided against it. You're welcome León. He does have a poncho however...

^^ My life in Chile on a daily basis

Tonight I’m leaving on a bus to the South of Chile with some of the other first grade teachers. It’s going to be the most relaxing and beautiful trip. My friend has a house there and the pictures she’s showed us are unlike anything I’ve ever seen! The bus ride will take about 8 hours (People don’t realize how huge Chile is). The town is pretty remote, so there’s no cell service! I can’t wait to unwind and disconnect. León will be staying at a pet hotel.

See you next week!

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