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Night rides & Teacher's Day Round 2

Hello, it’s me –Adele voice

Sorry for the late post, last night I was too tired. Anyway, what a week we had!

We had Monday off thanks to Mr. Columbus so it was a short week with a lot of things packed into it. We only had three teaching days seeing as Friday was Teacher’s Day so we packed as much content as we could into our time with the kiddos.

On Thursday, my friend Consue invited me to join her and Jose on a “Cabalgata Nocturna” which is when you ride horses at night! It was such an incredible time. I loved how relaxed the ride was, if we told them we knew how to ride, they didn’t bother you which I liked. We literally rode horses under the moonlight for a little over an hour until we reached the top of a beautiful hill. At the top was a bonfire and a barbecue waiting for us. We spent a long time at the top of the hill eating delicious barbecued food and drinking some beers and pisco. The view was by far the best part. Even though we didn’t get home until about 2am (with work the next day) it was well worth it. I’d love to go again!

On Friday, we celebrated Teacher’s Day! In Chile, the private schools celebrate Teacher’s Day as a holiday –I think the U.S. should get on board with this. Most of the students bring presents for their teachers (who doesn’t love presents?). The room-mothers came into the class with cupcakes and gave us a class gift (a nice sun hat from Zara). We had a school-wide assembly where students danced, read poetry and played music for us. The students went home early and us teachers were invited to a grand lunch. It’s nice to feel so appreciated for all of the work we do. The food was delicious and quite fancy. This year Miguelo, a well-known Chilean singer, was invited to perform for us. The older teachers were going wild over him –it was quite a spectacle.

^^ My favorite card

This weekend was kind of a bust for me because I woke up on Saturday feeling terrible. My stomach was all over the place and I figured I’d eaten something bad. I spent the day in bed and couldn’t even leave the apartment. I had planned to accomplish so many things that day so I was bumming hard all day. On Sunday, I went to Benja and Flo’s house for a delicious lunch. Luckily it was a rainy, dreary weekend so I didn’t miss much.

Laughable Moments:

  • One of my kids turned on the little fan in the classroom and said “Miss! I have so many hot!”

  • One of my co-workers was explaining how our kids are so good with technology, “they have so many skills that we need to explode”

  • I’ve noticed that when Chileans are speaking to me, they tell me to “relax” a lot which is normal for them. They don’t understand how we Americans don’t like to be told to relax, especially women.

  • On Teacher’s Day one of my students made us a home-made picture frame and the picture inside was a picture of her dad.

^^ One of our students gave us these masks her dad made as a gift. I found them a bit creepy and had no idea what to do with it.

" Please dont throw this away because it is of our Misses. Miss, we had a problem with your mug. Sorry." -A note left for my co-worker

Have a lovely week people!

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