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No Use Crying Over Spilled Soup

Hi friends!

Just a short post this week... I’m sad to report that since my last post, I got much better (health-wise) and then got much worse. I swear, at this point in the school year, we should all be wearing masks due to the amount of contagious illnesses and the terrible air (see below photos). Right now, SC is like a germ-factory. Everyone is getting terribly sick. At one point between first and second grade, 6 teachers were out at the same time. I had 12 absent students the other day. It’s truly an epidemic. I joked that we should honor the fallen every day at the end of the day like the do in The Hunger Games, because each day, we lose one more.

^^ Not a fan of the air in Santiago

^^ What Santiago lacks in air quality, they make up for in sunsets

But about me, originally I had a bad sinus infection. Nothing some rest and antibiotics can’t fix. But, being under a lot of stress and being in such an infectious environment, made matters worse. I caught some sort of other virus, which latched onto the sinus infection which spread to my throat and ears. I was feeling so terrible and was out again on licencia. Fingers crossed, these new antibiotics will do the trick. And don't tell me "you should really be taking vitamins" BELIEVE ME I AM!

In the short amount of time that I was feeling alright, I went to a friend’s birthday. I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. I’m definitely not a winter-gal, so I get a little depressed each winter. I miss the sun.

I stumbled upon a protest one day and it was fascinating to watch:

For Father's Day, the kiddos had to bring something of their dad's. The pics came out SO cute:

Laughable Moments:

  • On Monday, we always share a ‘rose’ and a ‘thorn’ about our weekends to help improve the oral English. I was really tired and one student asked me “Miss, how do I say 'mi condominio'" (condominium) , not even thinking, I said “ my condom”. So he proceeded to say to the class, “I was outside my condom and I fell down”.

  • This week one of my students heard me speaking Spanish and was shocked! She told me, “Miss, you know Spanish?!”. They haven’t caught on to the fact that every day they speak to me in Spanish and I answer in English…

  • This week I was feeling terrible but I really wanted soup. So I walked 5 blocks in the rain, with a fever for some stupid soup and then back home. Outside my apartment, I dropped the soup and it went everywhere. I immediately burst into tears. I looked like a crazy person to everyone walking by.

^^ I still have NO idea why they had a cake that said "Viena" at the birthday. The girl's name was Tori......

^^ Good to go

^^I thought this peeking little boy with his face painted was adorable, I realize now it's borderline creepy to take a picture...

^^ I'm so insulted I'm not allowed to vote for the Teen Choice Awards (even though I'm 25...)

^^ Does this jacket make me look Chilean?

^^ I've noticed 90% of the people sweep their leaves rather than rake them

^^ And the manage the sidewalk leaf situation much like we handle the sidewalk snow situation

Heres to a much healthier next few weeks!

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